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07/24/2017: My Starch Solution Journey Day 28


feeling good

OK, so today was weigh in day, and it is getting close to the end of the month. I have attainable goals set in relation to weight loss. I want to lose at least 10 pounds a month, and as of 7/24/2017, day 28 of my journey I am down to 238.0 pounds, which is a total loss of 9.4 pounds lost to date on The Starch Solution. I did not have a chance to take my BP this morning before work, but I will update everyone on that later today. I am still taking my meds for BP, but the last few times I took my BP it has been very good, so I will keep an eye on that. I hope to be off that by the end of 2017.

Eating wise this week pretty boring , but effective. For breakfast usually oatmeal with a few days exception when I had Cheerio’s with banana and raisins. Lunch was a lot of salads, brown rice and veggies, homemade home fries with mushrooms and onions, some pasta. Dinner was more of the same baked potato’s, rice and veggies. All very good and good for me. I did not make any recipes this weekend. Gotta get better at that. Still struggling with exploration of recipes, and staying with the convenient foods when I make them. Snacks have been quick hits like honeydew, potato wedges, pretzels, fruits, cereal.  My wife is amazing and makes my lunch everyday and she is a little more adventurous with what she makes. Thank you so much for what you do for me in this journey! I could not do this without you, my love!

Exercise wise I have started cycling instead of walking everyday. I usually cycle around 4 miles a day give or take. I am enjoying that for the time being. Once the cold weather comes in November I will have to join a gym or something so I can continue my exercise through the winter. I plan to look into the most convenient gyms and start looking into what gym works best for my schedule, needs, and price of course. I wish there was a Planet Fitness around the corner, that place is awesome for the price. I will keep you posted on my search for an adequate gym to kick my journey into hyper drive here in the next few months.

Keep following my journey. I post every Monday with the last weeks progress on “My Starch Solution”. Maybe it will inspire you to eat vegan just one night a week, every little healthy change in your food decisions will have a ripple effect throughout the world. Our eco-system, your health, the lives you touch.

Make a difference!



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