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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 105



So apologies on not posting the last few weeks , but I was away on business in Las Vegas during all the craziness. Please keep all of the affected families in your hearts!

So as of day 105 I am down to 219.8, first time below 220 since high school. Pretty cool. that is almost 30 pounds lost since tracking. Again still a steady 1-2 pounds a week rate. My goal starting out was to get to 200, but now I worry when will my body stabilize and what my new weight will be at the end of this journey. Will it possibly be below 200? We shall see.

Food wise I have really focused in on what I like and what works best. My wife makes my food , yes I know I’m spoiled for sure, but she is very supportive and well that is her way in supporting me through this journey. She loves discovering new ways and foods for the journey and it involves her in a huge way, I could not do this without her! We spoke a few weeks ago and I told her I am not picky at all and would not mind identifying the foods I love the best and that are the best for my journey on a compliance level and get around 3 and just rotate those on a repeat basis until I let her know I am getting sick of them. So , right now I am eating on a 3 meal rotation the following, mashed potato’s and veggies, roasted potato’s and veggies, and brown rice and veggies. Now granted there are variations on these slightly , but the roots of them are as above. I also eat cereal for breakfast, cheerios, and eat fruits here and there to fill in. This works for me, but the key of this is everyone has their own journey, tweak yours to meet your tastes, your needs, and make your journey a enjoyable one for you and you alone!

I did have one issue with food since my last post. In Vegas I had a very hard time finding compliant foods, and found a Thai place there and ate there mostly, with some instruction to the staff to stay compliant. Well I got very sick there and was sick for around 3 days vomiting. I do believe that I ingested something that I have not had in some time like some sort of oil or cooking agent. That really messed me up for a few days, but back to normal now. Just wish I could discover what it was that affected me so harshly.

Exercise is again my weak point. I have lost almost 30 pounds since tracking and now its time to tighten up, but I just cant get myself motivated, I always have an excuse, work is crazy, no time, footballs on, too many excuses. One day I will push myself into a gym regiment, maybe that will have to be trainer based to push me at this point. We shall see. I am determined to get this part moving!!!

Own your journey, make it yours, and meet the challenge head on!!!! You owe it to yourself!!!

I am supporting you wholeheartedly together we are strong!



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