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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 63

good fight

Ok on day 63 things are looking pretty good. I am down to 227.8, from 247.6.  A total of 19.6 pounds lost to date. Not too bad. 63 days in and the downward trend continues. More small victories too, like another belt loop down , and my doctors appointment was on Thursday last week, and good news my doctor officially took me off my blood pressure medication. I took myself off the meds a few weeks ago, and last week was the official doctors nod to continue to stop taking the medication. My blood pressure has been hovering around 117/73 give or take a few on either number. I have had a few more instances where my lower number gets too low and I have symptoms of too low blood pressure. I spoke with my doctor about this issue and she said that the body has to get used to your new low blood pressure and regulate a bit still. She told me that when I have symptoms , which I could have for another month or two depending on how fast my body regulates, to drink lots of water. The water will help the regulation. I have done this and in around 20-30 minutes the symptoms will subside. I am keeping a keen eye on it as I transition.

Lately I have been eating a good amount of beans. Of course with lots of potato, and brown rice. Veggies and fruits here and there. Water always to drink. I used to be a huge soft drink guy, and I’m pretty proud of myself that it has been 63 days since I had my last soft drink of any kind. Water only since day 1. It has been pretty tough, but that change alone was a huge one for me. Sometimes I have a St. Croix here and there, but that is still just carbonated water flavored ever so slightly with essence of fruits. I honestly would rather have straight water, but you have to switch it up here and there just for the sake of change, water gets pretty boring!

Exercise this week consisted of a good amount of cycling with my daughter every day. I think we cycled a total of around 38 miles, not too bad. I joined Planet Fitness a few weeks ago , but with visitors from out of town and demands at work I have not had a chance to take advantage of it as much as I would like. The gym will become paramount soon as the cold weather approaches. I am losing weight sufficiently, but I really need to do better kicking this thing into high gear and really put a good foot forward in the exercise area. If I plan to meet my goal of being at 200 pounds by year begin I better start following through on the exercise. Things to improve on!

Well this one is short this week, but please everyone own your journey! Be your own change! Make lasting changes in your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the eco-system we live in and count on to sustain our wonderful world!




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