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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 87


Ok so this is day 87 of My Starch Solution Journey, and I just wanted to give all of you new McDougallers out there a big hit of courage! I am a member of a number of support message boards on Facebook, and I post my blog on all of those boards to try to reach out to anyone and everyone that has taken their lives and their health into their own hands and has gone all in on the benefits of a plant based starch predominant diet.

I have noticed lately on the message boards a lot of new McDougallers getting frustrated with various things about this life change, and I wanted to take a break from sharing my stats and my journey to take a knee and just discuss a few of these frustrations I have read in the last week or so. After I will quickly share my stats for the week just to keep everyone who is following my progress up to speed on where I am currently.

Frustration #1: I am adhering to the plan and I am not seeing the weight drop off , I am only seeing small amounts of weight loss.

Encouragement for #1: In relation to weight loss alone you will notice on this plan that the weight loss does happen and it does happen continually, but what you need to realize is that the rate of weight loss tends to be very steady , but at a rate of on average 1-2 pounds a week. I have been on this journey for 87 days and if you read my blog chronologically you will see that rate trend for me as well. If you actively read everyone’s posts about weight loss in the message boards you will see that same rate across the board for most people. Another piece of advice , don’t weigh in everyday don’t weight hawk. I weigh in once a week , only once I do not let the scale run my journey! Don’t fall into this trap! Your body is benefitting in so many other ways and if you let the rate of weight loss derail you from this life change you will regret it! Courage! Be strong and let your body gradually adjust to this change.

Frustration #2: I am sick and tired of eating potato’s and rice I can’t do this!

Encouragement for #2: Do your research, get The Starch Solution book, and stay current online on the McDougall website or the many support groups out there. I recommend searching Facebook as there are a ton out there that just deal with meal plans and recipes. Also don’t fall into the Potato and Rice death march. What I mean is there are so many recipes and other healthy starch alternatives out there , go outside your comfort zone. MY NUMBER ONE PIECE OF ADVICE ON THIS GET VERY CLOSE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ASIAN MARKET, THIS IS KEY!!! The Asian Market will have all your staples and some really cool and weird items you have never heard of and that taste delicious. Another good side effect is that the Asian Market is a untapped treasure when it comes to price as well, by far the cheapest prices on items you will pay dearly for at places like The Fresh Market, Trader Joes , and the like. My wife prepares a all of my food for me , so I am very spoiled, and she lives at the Asian Market now. We have discovered new foods every week just from getting to know all of the options out there, and learning about these new foods and preparation add a level of discovery and fun to the journey. Take advantage of the journey and put yourself out there try new things , you never know you might find your new favorite meal.

Frustration #3: I do not have the support of my immediate family and it’s too hard to stick to this with no support!

Encouragement for #3: I support you! We all support you! This is your journey, and you have to own it! First thing I would do is have a family meeting , and discuss The Starch Solution together. Let your family know the details of why you are making such a drastic change in your life this change will affect everyone in the household in one way or another. Socially it will affect options when you go out as a family, and at home it will put another level of preparation and planning when it comes to meal planning. It is imperative that your support structure understands why you have decided to jump into this. Many people will not understand , and others will , but not to the level of commitment to a plant based starch primary diet. When you have this talk ask for their support specifically, let them know how excited you are to get started on your journey to health, happiness, and responsibility to our eco-system stability. Get involved with support groups. Facebook has many to choose from and I joined most. Its great to see others talking about the struggles and successes as they work through their journey and share their thoughts, lessons learned, and recipes. We support each other no questions asked! This journey is a hard one , but the best decision you will make. Be strong, have COURAGE, and live your journey to its full potential!

Quickly for those following: My stats as of day 87: Weight loss to date: 23.2 pounds. Down to 224.2. Still on track to meet my goal of 200 by start of next year.

I have really started to exercise regularly this week and have been to the gym once and cycled a few times this week. I am still slacking on the exercise and need to ramp that up sooner than later.

Food wise I have sticked with the staples grains, oats, potato’s, rice, fruits and veggies as an addition here and there.

***Everyone own your Journey, and have the COURAGE to persevere. Push through those frustration periods and you will come through on the other side a new person!***

Thank you for following me, and share this with anyone you think would benefit from my blog,



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