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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 105


So day 105 has come and gone on My Starch Solution Journey. I again apologize that I have not posted in a few weeks, but I was actually in Las Vegas on business when all of the craziness started. I am just getting back into my regular routine here in Denver, CO. A rough few weeks for sure. Please keep those affected by the events in Las Vegas in your hearts.

I will keep this one pretty short. stats wise as of day 105 I am down to 219.8. I have not seen a weight below 220 since high school. I am super jacked about that. I set a goal of 200 when I started this journey, and I honestly worry at what point will by body stabilize and when will I reach my optimal weight adhering to the McDougall philosophies. Like I said 200 was a pipe dream to me a few months ago, and now I just keep seeing the weight fall off slowly but steadily at about a 1-2 pound rate per week. It’s definitely a process to get used to my new size. I have started shopping at Kohls in their clearance department because my size seems to change almost monthly now. I also try to get to the goodwill for clothes during this transition period, its way too expensive to keep buying new work outfits every 2 weeks or so. A good problem to have, but one that can be costly during this time I have found out, so I am watching my clothing expenses and trying to get deals on outfits anywhere I can.

Food wise since the last time I posted hmmmm, a good amount of salads, brown rice and veggies dishes, some fruit here and there, but for the most part the staples. I stay with what works and what I enjoy, that is the key of success on this plan. Eat what you like that is compliant. For me I don’t mind eating the same thing over and over within reason, so my wife makes my meals for me and is the best support person ever on my journey. She painstakingly makes my meals, and I discussed with her that I am ok with just identifying my 3 favorite meals and just repeating those for a good period of time and if and when I get sick of those we can change it up a little bit. Its been a good while and I still am enjoying those 3 staples. Brown Rice and Veggies, Roasted Potato’s and veggies, and Mashed Potato’s and veggies. Those are my staples and they are great and compliant and work perfectly!

I did have one issue during this time when I was in Vegas I had to try to find compliant foods and it was very hard, I found a Thai place that had options with come special instruction, but I got very sick while I was there, and my suspicion is that something in that Thai food was not compliant and my system freaked out. Not sure but I was sick for 3 days puking the whole time. I think I ate something I have not had in a long time like some sort of oil or cooking agent. Never again!

Exercise again is my weak point sometime I will get that part right, it needs to be soon because I have lost almost 30 pounds since tracking, and well I need to tone up a bit for sure.

Be true to your journey, and embrace the change!