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My Starch Solution: Day 91


So it is now day 91 of my journey and I have to say I don’t look back at all. True I was a vegan already , but this life change is a big one, and I just want to tell everyone thinking about this change and just not pulling the trigger, do it! You will never look back with regret, put your health first. You will thank yourself later! It works! It really does!

So on day 91 of my journey I am now down to 223.00, from 247.4. That is a total of 24.4 pounds lost. I am keeping my rate of 1-2 pounds lost a week. The rate of loss is very steady and true, but you just have to have patience as you will not see tons of weight come off all at once, but it does come off, and it comes off steady like clockwork. The benefits you are getting outside of the weight loss is what you will cherish. I am completely off all of my medication at this point, and I look forward to further healthy benefits.

Food wise this week my wife made a really great tofu soup that was awesome and loaded with potato and veggies loved it. I of course also stayed with the staples oats for breakfast either cold cereal or oatmeal everyday. Lunch consisted of more potato and rice of difference varieties, dinners as well. Snacks consist of cold salads, rice based cold salads, some grapes and other fruits here and there, and water lots of water. The weeks I do better on water the better I do on weight loss. An interesting observation I have noticed. This week I hope to stay on the same food path as I feel like I have found my staples for the most part. Now I hope to try something new here and there and add any good foods to my meal plans.

Exercise wise I am still lacking the go get em attitude! I always list exercise as my one thing I can get moving on, doing better with, and this week is no exception. This week I did not make it to the gym once and only cycled once this week. A very rough week exercising for sure. I want to really start putting foot to butt on this one. My plan is to ramp up my cardio this week and see how it affects my journey. Wish me luck with that, lol.

Ok everyone back to the grind, remember to be diligent and don’t give up on yourself! You Can Do It! I believe in you , and so do your loved ones! Go get em! Live your journey, and change your path!



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