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07/26/2017: My Starch Solution Journey Day 30 ***Special Post***

low blood pressure

So, I usually only post once a week on weigh in day and give everyone an update on progress, foods eaten and cool ideas for foods, exercise, and a few little tips and tricks discovered on my journey, but I had a very interesting situation happen to me on Monday 7/24. At the end of the work day I started having vision issues. I was having distorted halo’s in my vision and they got so bad I was thinking I would need to get my wife to come pick me up at work as I rode my motorcycle in that day. I was walking out of work to my bike and the weird thing was the heat outside had some healing effect on the vision issues , so I moved on and rode my motorcycle home with no issues. Talk about scary , I really thought that my vision was failing , and for what reason? I had no clue. Well I got home and immediately took my blood pressure after taking a grueling motorcycle ride home in the blazing heat, and it was 106/68 while I was actively sweating from the hot ride home. As you know I was still taking my blood pressure medicine at day 28, and with eating so much cleaner for those 28 days on The McDougall Plan, it had dropped my blood pressure to an unsafe level for a man of 40 still weighing in at 238 pounds. I have since stopped my meds currently , and plan to discuss this issue with my doctor as soon as possible. Pretty scary stuff!!!

So, for all of you doing this for health reasons , to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and the like PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure that you are monitoring your levels closely, and keep in touch with your doctors throughout the process as I have learned. It is imperative that you change your habit and eat healthier of course, but it is also as important to keep tabs on your medications and effects they have on you as you get healthier. Sometimes those medicines you rely on to keep you healthy can fight against you as you change your eating habits and lifestyle.

As always thank you for following My Starch Solution Journey,


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