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7/17/2017: My Starch Solution (Day 21)


Ok, so day 21 everything is progressing well. I am down to 240.8, which is a total weight loss of 6.6 pounds at the 21 day mark. That’s not too bad! I took my BP Saturday 7/15/2017, and it was 117/73. Not too bad either. I am still taking my blood pressure meds, but if the trend continues to go down I may need to revisit that at a later date, but for now I am still taking them.

Energy wise I continue to have much more energy than I have in the last 6 months. This weekend I completely unpacked the garage and tightened it up and straightened everything out. A task that took 7 hours , and what I realized after I was done I didn’t even take a break I just dug in and worked it out. Sweating and pushing through all 7 hours until I was done. Something I could not have done just 21 days ago, this Starch Solution is no joke. This stuff really works. Reading the book and the success stories is one thing , but when you start detecting the changes in yourself its overwhelming! I am still trying to figure out the food part of this, and have meals prepared and ready. The thing I have issues with are meals. A lot of times I just don’t have time to make something exciting from the book, and end up eating some really boring things like plain potato’s with hot sauce, or steak sauce to dip in.  The recipes in The Starch Solution are really good, but If I don’t make time on the weekend to make a few recipes I am hosed during the week. Don’t get me wrong my wife makes me an amazing lunch to take to work each and every day , I’m so spoiled , but dinners sometimes are touch and go. I have to do a better job about that and make tons of stuff on the weekend and store them for the week. Oh well things to get better at!

All in all I’m very excited at the trends so far in the first 21 days, and look forward to the future benefits. My goal is to be close to 200 pounds by the end of the year. 40.8 more pounds to go! Wish me luck, and monitor my progress through my blog.

Exercise wise I have started slow with walking each night after work, and I just put my bicycle in the shop for a seasonal maintenance , and I get that back this week. Once I get that back I will be stepping up my exercise to cycling every night after work. I will continue to do that for a few months until the season is over and the snow starts falling. After that I hope to integrate going to the gym at work, or joining a Planet Fitness or something comparable and cheep to go to after work during the week and on the weekends.

To be continued on 7/24/2017 which will be day 28 …

Thanks for showing interest in my health journey!



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