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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 56


First I would like to apologize about not posting last week, but I was on vacation. 🙂

Ok, so I had my first test with this new way of life. I had a vacation with family visiting me in Colorado. This was to be the test to end all tests, can I stay true to the philosophy with the pressure of being on vacation, and having visitors that don’t really understand my life choices/changes. I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS. Not one cheat item passed these lips. There were many opportunities to cheat I tell you, but I put up the good fight and stayed to the plan to the letter. Only water to drink all vacation, no convenient foods that I would regret later. All in all I would say my first true peer pressure test went great and I passed with flying colors!!!

So, on to the stats. I am starting to get really excited with my results. First off these last two weeks I have been getting a lot of comments about my weight loss. It is starting to be enough that most if not all people that I interact with on a daily basis are noticing. That is a good sign as the people you see day in and day out usually don’t notice things like weight loss. I take that as I am losing enough now that you can’t deny something is changing appearance wise. Its hard for me to notice my own changes, but lately I have been jumping belt loops, pulling out clothes that I don’t wear because they were too small. Not anymore. Those small items are now getting too big on me! Feeling great about that!

Foods wise these last two weeks consisted of lots of oatmeal, potato based dishes, and brown rice lots of brown rice! I will try again this weekend to put some recipes from the book together for lunches at work and dinners. I seem to run out of time before I get this done. Gotta get better. I feel like I say that every week, LOL!

Exercise was a bit tough with visitors and vacation , but I kept up the cycling each day with a few exceptions and breaks. I plan to start hitting the gym hard now that my family visitors are gone and I can concentrate on getting to the gym and exercise. I still plan to be around 200 pounds by the beginning of 2018. I am still on pace so far starting at 247.4, currently on day 56 I am down to 232.6. A total loss of 14.8 pounds. This journey takes a lot of strength and will power, but seeing these results just fuels the fire inside me to make a change in my life and the lives of my loved ones and the environment and eco system we count on!

Stay true to your journey, as your journey is yours and yours alone. Live it to the fullest!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and well wishes on your journey!


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