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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 42


OK , so its day 42, I started off at 247.4, and now I am at 236.6 for a total loss of 10.8 pounds so far. The weight loss is pretty steady, but slow. Reading some posts on Facebook groups I have joined I have noticed that this is pretty common. Most people state that they lose around 8-10 pounds a month, so it looks like I am right on track with everyone else for the most part. I am in this for the long haul, so the slow weight loss does not worry me at all. This is a life change for me, not a fad diet. Having been vegan before my journey started, the change to The Starch Solution has been a quick and easy one for me. This week I have stayed to the core meals that work for me with a few exceptions here and there. I eat a lot of oatmeal for breakfast, and at times cheerios with raisins and banana when I am lazy which happens sometimes. My wife continues to make my lunches consisting of lots of potato wedges, brown rice, both accompanied with veggies and some fruit here and there as well. Sometimes for lunch I will have mixed green salads, on those days I have lots of starch snacks like, potato wedges, or a small bowl of brown rice with corn and onion mixed in. Again I still need to do better on trying new recipes and foods here and there, but its so easy to just fall into eating the things you enjoy over and over again. I like what I like, and it works for me. Eat foods that you enjoy that are McDougall approved. Heck eat them everyday if you want. I’m a creature of habit, so that works great for me.

On the exercise front I have not really had time to hit that hard as I am having a few visitors these next few weeks and I have been working on getting the house straight and ready to accept visitors. Some things I would categorize as exercise like moving boxes, and yardwork stuff, but for the most part I have fallen on my responsibilities of keeping up my exercise regiment. Once my visitors are gone after the week of 8/18 I plan to start hitting the exercise much harder and consistent. Nice to see that even on a bad exercise week I still lost another pound. We all have things to get better at on our journey, and regular exercise is definitely mine!

I have been keeping a tight tab on my blood pressure, taking it randomly throughout the week and I have not witnessed a high blood pressure reading, all have been right around 120/80 give or take, but I have noticed that sometimes I get red faced, or flush feeling which usually means that my blood pressure is high. That is the number 1 sign for me that my blood pressure has climbed. So I started taking my blood pressure when I feel this way and I can take it, with no weird readings. This is the one thing that has been giving me fits during this journey. My thoughts are that my blood pressure has gotten better , but not good enough to be completely off my meds. I have an appointment with my doctor to make , to discuss med changes at least at this point.

Thought for the week for me to remember:

Slow And Steady Wins The Race!

Remember everyone we can do this, support each other, and be the hero of your journey!





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