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My Starch Solution Journey: Day 35


OK, so the weight loss results for this week are not too great, weighed in at 237.6 this morning. That is 9.8 pounds down from my start off weight of 247.4. I had set a goal of 10 pounds per month. I almost made it this month, but I am determined to contine the trend, and stay on point.

Food wise for this week for my breakfasts I kept with oatmeal in different variations, mostly with raisins and a small amount of crushed walnuts sprinkled in. For my snacks brown rice bowls with onions and corn, more oatmeal, baked potato wedges, cheerios, banana, raisins, fruit here and there, but mostly rice and potato’s. For dinner I have been sticking with what works, lots and lots of brown rice, potato’s, pasta with sauce and peppers and onions. This week I want to stick to the basics and see how I do in comparison. Keeping my meals very starchy, only rice with little variation, potato’s with little additions. Wonder if my results will show any difference.

I am not worried about this week and the stall in weight loss as I am in this for the long haul, but I would love to see the difference in the week if I cut out some of the additional flavoring. We shall see how I do on that during this week to come. Wish me luck.

On the exercise side is where I had the biggest failure. This week I only cycled 3.75 miles total. One day of exercise will not cut it. My goals warrant at least 3-4 days of good exercise. There was a good amount of rain this week that limited my ability to exercise effectively, so yesterday I went out and registered at my local Planet Fitness to remedy this issue. I did around 45 minutes of cardio yesterday, but still my exercise regiment needs to be on point to kick this journey into high gear!

Own your journey everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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