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Wednesday 7/12/2017: My First Weekly Update Post

Ok, so after that start off post, here is my first check in at day 16:

I started at 247.4 pounds, to date I have lost 5.2 pounds down to 242.2 as of this morning. I will be weighing in every week, and will move my next weigh in to day 21 so I am on a every 7 day weigh in schedule. I went over the improvements in the way I feel on my last post, but here it goes improved energy, improved clarity in thinking process, improved swelling and joint aches and pains as well. These are the major items I can tell without a doctors visit. I am still on blood pressure medication and will start monitoring that through this process as well and include it on my next post on day 21. Honestly it is going really well, eating habits are forming getting easier and easier to stick to the diet. I have eaten mostly rice and potatoes with additions of fresh fruit and veggies throughout the week.

Going pretty well so far:

5.2 pounds lost on day 16, looking forward to what the future holds on The Starch Solution.

Until next week!

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